About Me


I am a Romanian-British artist and filmmaker.

My art practice operates in the intersections between anthropology and poetry, documentary and sound art. 

I also make observational documentaries. These films explore how inspiring fringe communities interact with society at large.
I have delved into the communities of skateboarders, migrant graffiti artists and Dorset bus driving amateur dramatic groups.


I enjoy exploring the intersections between my fine art practice and social documentary.

I find that a multi-disciplinary approach leads to exciting work.

I began storytelling through conceptual art, experimenting with narrative through installations, video art, sound pieces and performances during my time studying on the Foundation course at Central St Martins and then on the Fine Art BA course at Chelsea College of Arts. 

After graduating I moved to Brighton where I discovered the freedom of documentary filmmaking and skateboarding simultaneouslyI later went on to work with OTOXO Productions in Barcelona, co-directing 'Nuestro Muro' for Betevé, and I am now freelancing from the UK.


As a Director, I am drawn to capturing DIY spirit and youth culture. Whilst long term projects are incubating I enjoy lending my filmmaking skills to producing content with a documentary flair for ethically-minded businesses.

As an editor, I have edited feature films, music videos, online programmes and commercial content for clients such as Ecco, the ARIAS  and LaLa Tigers.


I am most in my element when editing narrative documentaries about joyful communities and unlikely heroes.

In my past life, I have dressed up as a tree and dragged a sack of rubbish through Crawley in the name of art. In my free time you will most likely find me in your local cul-de-sac grinding small curbs.

To contact me please email: emilybadescu@gmail.com

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