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Sun Sacrifice - A Video celebrating this year's solstice Dir: Emily Badescu, Skateism.png
Sun Sacrifice

Self-Shooting PD / Editor

The Birdhouse demo transforms the Level Skatepark for the day into a concrete temple to Huitzilopochtli - The Aztec God of Sun and War. The humans have elected their sacrificial skate warriors Aaron Jaws Homoki, Back Flip Tim, Joe Hammond and Shawn Hale to offer slams to the heavens. The more brutal the slam the more likely the Sun God will be sated and bestow upon all another day of light, heat, and dry concrete. 

"Cracking work from Emily Badescu

for the radical folk at Skateism."

- Vague Mag

Released via Skateism on the unique celestial skate event that was the Summer Solstice and Go Skate Day 2021.


For Sun Sacrifice's companion article by Paul O'Connor (author of Skateboarding and Religion) Go to Skateism.

Film Credits:


Self-shooting PD / Editor: Emily Badescu Drone Operator: Ricardo Pradi Barbosa Sunset footage: Johann Mynhardt

Production Assistant: Alex Badescu

VO Audio Engineer: James Emery 

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