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 Raise A Tiger Programme (Still) - LaLa Tigers

 Air Guitar (Teaser) - LaLa Tigers

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 Teeth Brushing (Teaser) - LaLa Tigers

LaLa Tigers

Online Programme Content Editor

I met LaLa Tigers Founder Rachel Davies at the Level Skatepark in Brighton, back when I was filming 'Grip Tapes'. This was when Rachel was just starting LaLa Tigers, and was using the skatepark as an outdoor office, busily scribbling away in binders while her young boys played in their element, shredding the skatepark. 


It's been an honour to watch and help LaLa Tigers grow from a bundle of notes in the skatepark to full-on @tedx_official talk! 

Over the years I have had the joy of editing her instructional / music video content aimed at parents with young children. Each time I get a call from Rachel I know I'm in for an editing treat. We've worked together on 'Pick Up Your Pants' a house banger that is guaranteed to make your kids pick up their pants, 'Air Guitar' featuring the air guitar world champion and 'Bad Wedding Dancing', which still makes me cackle! and many many more.

Her songs are really catchy and contain inspiring messages of self-belief. Since the song you edit to will stick in your head for eternity, I'm grateful to have these mindful bangers looping in my brain.

Check out her wonderful 'Raise A Tiger' programme at

 Bad Wedding Dancing Championships (Still) - LaLa Tigers

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