Alien On Stage

Comedy Documentary Editor


FrightFest 2020

Cineworld, Leicester Sq, London, Sat 24th Oct, 2020

"This is one of those incredible true stories that affirm how random, absurd, magical and uplifting life can be. It involves a small community of Dorset bus drivers, an unsuspecting village hall, homemade special effects, unshakable dedication, uncontrollable laughter and an unexpected climactic performance in London’s West End! 

All brought together by the greatest sci-fi, gothic-horror of all time; Ridley Scott’s Oscar-winning film Alien! 

It's a story of ordinary people doing something extraordinary. This bus driving crew are our space heroes. Their bus station is a space station. Dorset is outer space and where is the Alien?  “IT’S BEHIND YOU!”


(Alien On Stage Kickstarter) 

When I heard about Alien On Stage I fell in love with the project instantly. Being immersed in the world of the Dorset bus driving community and crafting their incredible story into shape was an absolute pleasure. As a documentary editor, I live for stories like this.

Before the edit I also got stuck in with the fundraising campaign, by helping produce and edit the social media videos.  These involved Lucy as Ripley, a life-size replica of the Nostromo Spaceship and Jonsey the cat, of course.

Directed by Danielle Kummer and Lucy Harvey.

Co-Editors: Danielle Kummer, Anthony Swords, Emily Badescu.

Images left to right: 1- 3 Lucy in the Nostromo performing for the Kickstarter campaign videos. 3 - 6 The Alien On Stage post- production team (aka The Blues Blockers), logging notes and our own edit/space station in Portbou.

© 2020 Emily Badescu