Alien On Stage

Comedy Documentary Editor


FrightFest 2020

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"Alien On Stage is a Documentary about a unique crew of Dorset Bus Drivers from Dorset, whose amateur dramatics group decide to ditch doing another pantomime and try something different."

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"Structurally, Alien on Stage is paced to perfection. We witness the hard graft, ingenious problem solving and begrudging patience and our emotional investment grows exponentially.

Brimming with contagious positivity, Alien on Stage is a fitting testimony to a perfect storm of genre obsession and humanistic catharsis that no one in its chaotic eye will ever forget. It is both a handmade love letter to the tenacity of blind enthusiasm and a DIY death note to the hollow cynicism of snobbery.

Lovingly curated and confidently crafted this sanguine meditation on the interdependent nature of organic joyousness is among the most invigorating documentaries of the year."

- The People's Movies

When I heard about Alien On Stage I fell in love with the project instantly. Being immersed in the world of the Dorset bus driving community and crafting their incredible story into shape was an absolute pleasure. As a documentary editor, I live for stories like this.

Before the edit I also got stuck in with the fundraising campaign, by helping produce and edit the social media videos.  These involved Lucy as Ripley, a life-size replica of the Nostromo Spaceship and Jonsey the cat, of course.

Directed by Danielle Kummer and Lucy Harvey.

Editors: Danielle Kummer, Anthony Swords, Emily Badescu.

Images left to right: 1- 3 Lucy in the Nostromo performing for the Kickstarter campaign videos. 3 - 6 The Alien On Stage post- production team (aka The Blues Blockers), logging notes and our own edit/space station in Portbou.

© 2020 Emily Badescu